Noelle Mitchell

Hi I'm Noelle! I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist/frame drummer/photographer/tea lover! Yup, I try to do it all! You can check out some of my photography at my photography blog: And on my tea blog:

I am currently working on writing music and putting together a recording setup, so stay tuned (musical pun intended)! I will be posting some music soon!

Jessica Jung in Vogue Girl Magazine in 2012. So fashionable!

LOVED the performance of Adrenaline! Holler was awesome too of course ;)

Girls’ Generation TTS Live on M! Countdown

My first song demo (and first song I’ve uploaded) on Soundcloud has over 100 plays! Thank you everyone for listening! I’m excited to continue writing music! This definitely is encouraging me to continue working on my music! Better order that portable recorder soon!

Kimbra performing Cameo Lover on BalconyTV…cool seeing her play the guitar! 

She’s coming out in San Francisco, she’s working the merch stand. She needs to learn what it takes to pay for school. And then we appreciate school more, do you see if you go to a good school then you think, “Okay then um so how are we doing on our homework?” “What homework?” “What do you mean what homework?” “Well I don’t know I’m watching American Horror Story.” I said, “I am an American Horror Story if you don’t do your homework.”.
Tori Amos, talking about her daughter Natashya in an interview on The Bing Lounge

This cover of Galliyan is so beautiful! I love Jonita’s voice! :D

Working on some rhythms to get inspiration flowing for my music! Pictured here is a frame drum. #artsyblurring #framedrum #thisisntoninstagramwhyamidoinghashtags #windowlight

Why do I love bollywood music so much? Because it’s awesome of course. :D Currently listening to Mast Magan from the movie 2 States:

I think I might be addicted to music…because I can’t stop playing it, writing it, listening to it, thinking about it. Yup, I have an addiction. Doesn’t feel like one though. :D

Haven’t posted on here for a while… busy writing songs and getting together some kind of a basic recording setup. Thinking a ribbon mic, analog synthesizer, maybe a secondhand drum machine, and the Tascam DP-32. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. ;) And of course I’ll use my percussion instruments and acoustic guitar. :D In case you missed it, here is my song demo, a song I’m writing called “Can You See”. Hope you enjoy!