I think I might be addicted to music…because I can’t stop playing it, writing it, listening to it, thinking about it. Yup, I have an addiction. Doesn’t feel like one though. :D

Haven’t posted on here for a while… busy writing songs and getting together some kind of a basic recording setup. Thinking a ribbon mic, analog synthesizer, maybe a secondhand drum machine, and the Tascam DP-32. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. ;) And of course I’ll use my percussion instruments and acoustic guitar. :D In case you missed it, here is my song demo, a song I’m writing called “Can You See”. Hope you enjoy!


The first beginnings of a song I am writing! Here is a very early listen! Interesting to see how this song will develop! Sorry for the sound quality, was taken from a point and shoot camera, haha!

Or maybe I AM going to buy a Tascam Portastudio after all. It just won’t leave my head…or my heart! It looks so simple to use AND it’s in my budget! How could I NOT want to use it?!? :D <3 #computerlessrecording4thewin


I love Tori’s inspiring performance of Trouble’s Lament! It’s a must-see. :D Just sayin’. :D

I never want to stop finding songwriting inspiration!!! Gonna write songs everydaaaayyyyyy… :D I really need something better to record my ideas though, my iPod just ain’t gonna cut it for much longer. :/

I forgot how much fun playing guitar is!!! Gettin’ back in my songwritin’ groove! :D #needanalogsynth

The research for a basic and preferably computerless recording setup continues. My next step is buying something to record my song ideas with, so I am considering a portable recorder to help me with that. :D


— Sylvia Plath


— Sylvia Plath


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